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The Story of the Virtual Radionic Instrument,  It was on Saturday evening at a Study Weekend at Sparsholt College when we first talked about a Virtual Radionic Instrument. The Lafferty Instrument was no longer being built and the various possibilities on the market were all incredibly expensive—even in the most basic configuration. After a few beers, I promised Tony to have a look into programming such an instrument and went home to think about it...
The Virtual Radionic Instrument Radionics is an instrument based art of remote healing. The radionic instrument helps the practitioner to keep the focus of healing energy on this client for a prolonged time. However the radonic instrument has not power by itself. It is merely the extension of the practitioner’s will and mental power. Radionics was invented in the early 20th century by Albert Abrams (1863-1924) a medical doctor. When tapping the belly of his patients to evaluate the sizes of the organs, he realised dull sounds, however only when the patients were faced in westward direction. In his research work, he found that those dull sounds were connected with distinct diseases. He also found, that those reactions, called ERA (electric reaction of Abrams) occurred also, when a sound patient was connected with a blood spot of a diseased person via a copper wire. He further found that diseases could be distinguished by attaching a resistor box in between the blod spot and the patient. The adjusted values for each diseases where called “rates”. With time Abrams “black boxes” developed from analysis instruments to broadcast instruments, sending healing information the not only people, but also animals and plants.
The Virtual Radionic Instrument
A fully computerised and programmable virtual Radionic Instrument for Analysis, Broadcasts and Remedy making.
Video Instructions to The Virtual Radionic Instrument are available on this Website. The Video Tutorials show detailed, which possibilities the Virtual Radionic Instrument offer you to work fast and efficient with radionics.
Trial Version of The Radionic Instrument is available for download Check out the possiblities of The Virtual Radionic Instrument. You can download and install a trial version with basic Base 10 dunctionalities...
The Virtual Radionic Instrument is specifically made to support the workflow you will learn in the Radionic School of The Radionic Association. The Virtual Radionic Instrument is available at THE RADIONIC ASSOCIATION
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The Virtual Sanjeevini Instrument Similar to the Virtual Radionic Instrument, a small tool for using Sanjeevini Cards on your computer is available for download in our download section. Although not programmable, you can set complex treatments on this instrument. Get the small instruction booklet for a first glance and download and use the Virtual Sanjeevini Program for free - according to the intention of the inventors of the Sanjeevini system.
Virtual Radionic Instrument - for tablets. Beside the Virtual Radionic Instrument in its professional form for radionics practitioners there is a smaller version for tablets available. This version of the Virtual Radionic Instrument can be run on tablets. The program is browser based and can therefore be used on iPad, Android, Linux and Windows tablets. The Virtual Radionic Instrument for tablets offers Base 10, Base 12, Basse 44 and Base 336 capabilities, a potentiser, colour and manual and programmed broadcasts. This Instrument is mainly thought to be a quick helper, when you are on the road or in holidays and have no access to your professional version. However you can download it for free.
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