Analysis Document for Analysis II Mode (Licentiate-form) This document can be used for the Analysis II Mode of the Virtual Radionic Instrument. Please download the file and store it anywhere on your computer. . 
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A fully computerised and programmable virtual Radionic Instrument for Analysis, Broadcasts and Remedy making.
Patches & Updates
Geoffrey Ardens, Virtualradionics, Email: geoffrey.ardens”@”
Patches & Updates Nobody is perfect - no piece of software is without bugs. The basic program is able to be updated on every start when you have an active internet connection. You don't need to care about this - that can be done automatically. However there are additional files, which cannot be updated this way. E.g. the Analysis-Sheet, Picture files or other additional documents, which are stored in the folders under C:\Virtual_Radionic_Instrument.   Those files have to manually downloaded. I have packed the files into a self extracting .exe file, so you can download and put it into the correct directory automatically only by double clicking on them. You may need to execute the file as Administrator in Windows Vista or Windows 7 to avoid an Error message.
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Audio files for Analysis II Mode (self extracting file) Download the file and run the .exe file. It is a self-extracting archive, which will store the files automatically into the ../Analysis/Sounds folder. . 
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Knobs and Pattern for Base 336 Rate System Donwload the Picture.sfx.exe file and doubleclick to automatically self- extract the archive into the Picture folder of your Virtual Radionic Instrument.  
Download   Download Patches & Updates Patches & Updates