The Virtual Radionic Instrument
A fully computerised and programmable virtual Radionic Instrument for Analysis, Broadcasts and Remedy making.
Tutorial Videos
Tutorial Videos
Making Radionic Remedies with the Virtual Radionic Instrument Radionic rates can be made with Virtual Radionic Instrument by placing a flask with uninformed globuli or an alcoholic solution like diluted vodka or whiskey directly on the screen over one of the wells of the instrument. The most easiest way is the direct information of the carrier substance without any potentising. The easiest way to do this is by using the Virtual Radionic Instrument on a Laptop. Place the Laptop screen in a way to get a even surface, so you can place the flask directly on the screen above the well you have chosen. To produce potentised radionics remedies you do it in the following way. Place your flask on the well you want to use for informing your flask. Then type the rate into the rate window, and set the potentiser. By clicking on Set rate, and set well the rate is potentised and sent to your flask...
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