The Virtual Radionic Instrument
A fully computerised and programmable virtual Radionic Instrument for Analysis, Broadcasts and Remedy making.
Tutorial Videos
Tutorial Videos
Transfer of Treatments from the Analysis Sheet to the Virtual Radionic Instrument The easiest way to work with the Virtual Radionic Instrument regarding treatments is most likely the following: Open the Analysis Sheet. There is a second Tab, called Treatments. Here is a table which has the same format, like the treatments table in the Virtual radionic instrument. When you dowse for treatments necessary for a patient, type them into this treatment sheet for documentation. Use the annotation format you have learned in the radionic school, and which was explained already in the previous lecture on the Help-Menue and the Analysis Sheet. For demonstration, we now call up a already filled analysis sheet. You see the treatments, which where found for a specific day and were noted in the table. You will no mark all treatments, you want to transfer into the Virtual Radionic Instrument...
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