The Virtual Radionic Instrument
A fully computerised and programmable virtual Radionic Instrument for Analysis, Broadcasts and Remedy making.
Tutorial Videos
Tutorial Videos
Performing an Analysis with the Virtual Radionic Instrument A very crucial step in radionics is the analysis of the situation of your patient. There is a distinct routine in doing so, taught by the School of the Radionic Association.   The virtual radionic Instrument supports this routine fully, and provides a convenient system to perform an analysis much faster than you can normally do. The program also helps you with documentation and graphical reprocessing the data, you have obtained. However the crucial process, the dowsing, has to be performed by the practitioner himself. The first thing you want to do, is to open a new analysis chart by clicking on help, Analysis-Chart.   There, you will type in all data of your patient, like name, address, date of birth, contact data, and symptoms you have got from your interview with the patient, or from the filled request form. You can now minimize the window with the Analysis document...
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